Elder Holland endorses the Mormon Studies program at Claremont Graduate University

“President Hunter always wanted us to talk with those beyond our own circle. To communicate first and foremost in our language of faith, but wherever possible, to add the language of scholarship which would expand our circle of influence even farther.”

– Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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Our mission is to support the work of Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University

With your generous donations we are able to support the expansion of Mormon Studies in the world in multiple ways:

  • Robert L. Millet Fellowship — for LDS students pursuing careers in Church education (BYU or Seminaries & Institutes) or interreligious dialogue
  • Joseph and Marilyn Bentley Fellowship — for students pursuing careers teaching Mormon Studies in the secular academy
  • Other student scholarships
  • Mormon Studies lectures, conferences, and other events at CGU

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Thank you to all our generous donors from 2012-2014!

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  1. Mar

    1. Claremont Mormon Studies Spring Conference 2015: Community, Authority, and Identity (all-day) @ Albrecht Auditorium
      Mar 6 – Mar 7

      Mormon Community, Authority, and Identity

      Schedule of Events

      ——FRIDAY MARCH 6——

      4:00 Welcome and Introduction

      Tammi SchneiderClaremont Graduate University

      4:10-5:30 Mormon Authority and Tradition(s)

      Robert Couch—Willamette University
      Scripture and Authority in the Mormon Tradition

      Shelby Hamm—Claremont Graduate University
      Conflicting Perceptions of Priesthood & Its Powers

      Thomas G. Evans—Claremont Graduate University
      Priesthood, Prophecy, and the Failure of “The Word of the Lord”

      7:30 p.m. Keynote Address

      J. Spencer Fluhman—Brigham Young University
      Secrets and the Making of American Mormonism

      Keynote Speaker: Spencer Fluhman

      Keynote Speaker: Spencer Fluhman


      ——SATURDAY, MARCH 7——

      9:00-10:20 Mormon Identity in a Digital Age

      Hillary Kirkham—Claremont Graduate University
      Rebranding Mormonism: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ “I’m a
      Mormon” Campaign and the Reclamation of Mormon Identity

      Saskia Tielens—Technische Universität Dortmund
      Breaking the Mold: The Construction of Identity and Authority in an Online
      Christian Context

      Rosemary Avance—University of Pennsylvania
      Shifting Mormon Identity and the Internet

      10:30-11:30 Community and Contested Reception

      Samuel Alonzo Dodge—Lehigh University
      God’s Wisdom or Man’s: Mormon Identity and Competing Interpretations
      of the Word of Wisdom Revelation

      Steven C. Harper—LDS Church History Department
      Identity, Community, and the Contest for Joseph Smith’s First Vision

      11:45-12:45 Community and Ritual in the 19th Century

      Justin Bray—University of Utah
      “That We May Be One”: The Lord’s Supper and Community Worship, 1850-1900

      Kristine Wright—Independent Scholar
      “How discouraging to be sick so much”: Chronicity, Ritual Failure and Mormon Identity

      1:00 Lunch provided for all attendees

      2:00-3:20 History as Identity

      Benjamin E. Park—University of Missouri
      The Gendered Politics of Mormon Identity: Two Nineteenth Century Examples

      Rachel Hunt Steenblik—Claremont Graduate University
      Mormon Women Write: Reclaiming the Words of Those who have Slumbered in the Dust

      J.B. Haws—Brigham Young University
      A Mentor and a Mentality: Shaping a Generation of Mormon Historians

      Claremont Mormon Studies Spring Conference 2015: Community, Authority, and Identity @ Albrecht Auditorium (all-day)



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