Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology: 2017 Annual Meeting

The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology 2017 Annual Meeting

Poured Out Upon Us: The Holy Spirit

Speakers included:
Philip Clayton
John Cobb
James Faulconer
Jennifer Lane
Patrick Mason
James McLachlan
Margaret Toscano
Jack Welch
Mark Wrathall

Thursday, March 2nd

7:30 pm
Opening Plenary Session
Title TBA
John Cobb, Claremont School of Theology

Friday, March 3rd

9:00 am
Plenary Session
“Toward a Nephite Pneumatology”
Joseph M. Spencer, Brigham Young University
10 am Concurrent Sessions
“We Differed in the Gift of the Holy Ghost”
Lynne Hilton Wilson, Independent Scholar
“The God of Mormonism and Economic Action: Toward a Theology of Trade-offs”
Michael McBride, University of California Irvine
“How Charismatic a Shift Could or Should Mormonism Take? An Exploratory Conversation”
Dan Wotherspoon, Independent Scholar
11 am Concurrent Sessions
“Grace and the Baptism of Fire”
Benjamin Huff, Randolph Macon College
“To Fill the Immensity of Space: The Light of Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the Establishment of Zion”
Taylor Kerby, Claremont Graduate University
12 pm Lunch Break
2 pm
Plenary Panel Session
“Gender and the Nature of God”
Taylor Petrey, Kalamazoo College
Deidre Green, Brigham Young University
Amy Hoyt, University of the Pacific
Margaret Toscano, University of Utah
3:30 pm Concurrent Sessions
“The Problem of Evil”
James McLachlan, Western Carolina University
“Fire, Tongues, and Baptism: The Holy Ghost as Sealing ”
Jenny Webb, Independent Scholar
4:30 pm
Plenary Session
“The Family: A Performance of the World”
Rosalynde Welch, Independent Scholar
5:20 pm Dinner Break
7:30 pm
Plenary Session
Title TBA
Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology

Saturday, March 4th

9:00 am
Plenary Session
“Deny Not the Manifestations of the Holy Spirit”
John W. Welch, Brigham Young University
10 am Concurrent Sessions
“The Transcendence of Flesh”
James E. Faulconer, Brigham Young University
“‘The Spirit Speaketh the Truth and Lieth Not’: The Complex Theological Intersection of Truth, Scripture, and Hermeneutics”
Benjamin Spackman, Claremont Graduate University
“More on the Doctrine of Christ, Angelicization, and the Holy Ghost in 2 Nephi 31 ”
Alyson Von Feldt, Independent Scholar
11:00 am Concurrent Sessions
“Timeless Agents?”
Mark Wrathall, University of California Riverside
“Are Christians Mormon?”
David Paulsen, Brigham Young University
Hal Boyd, Independent Scholar
“On Interaction with the Holy Ghost”
Keith Lane, Brigham Young University—Hawaii
12pm Lunch Break
2 pm
Plenary Panel Session
“Responses to Taylor Petrey’s Critique of Paul’s Use in Mormon Theology”
James McLachlan, Western Carolina University
James Faulconer, Brigham Young University
Rosalynde Welch, Independent Scholar
Taylor Petrey, Kalamazoo College
3:30 pm Concurrent Sessions
“Domesticating Mormon Thought? Distinguishing Deification, Theosis, and Exaltation”
Carl Mosser, Gateway Seminary
“Deep in the Darkness Is God”
Wayne LeCheminant, Independent Scholar
“Born of the Spirit and Becoming Begotten Sons and Daughters unto God”
Jennifer Lane, Brigham Young University—Hawaii
4:30 pm
Closing Plenary Session
“‘The Spirit Said unto Me Again: Slay Him’: Latter-day Saint Reflections on Divine Violence”
Patrick Q. Mason, Claremont Graduate University