Former Students

Jonathan England

Jon England is an MA student in the History of Christianity and Religions of North America program. Jon earned a BA in History with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Utah in 2012. His interests include sacred spaces and landscapes in the American West. Jon served a mission to Argentina from 2005-2007, and has two children with his wife of six years.


Courtney Rabada

Courtney is currently working towards her master’s degree in religious studies at Claremont Graduate University. Her areas of interest include Mormonism, world religions, and gender studies. She plans to write her thesis on the LDS Church’s recent age change for female missionaries. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Indiana University Bloomington.


Jeffrey Turner

Jeff grew up in San Francisco and attended Washington State University where he studied philosophy and religious studies. He is currently a MA student at Claremont Graduate University and is studying Philosophy of Religion and Theology, History of Christianity and Religions in North America, and Mormon Studies. His research interests are conversion, nineteenth-century print culture, and immigration.